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World Day Against Death Penalty 2007

The World Coalition against the Death Penalty reaching out to support the two Kurdish journalists Hasanpoor and Butimar, both of whom are at risk of execution in Iran. Defend International marks the world Day against the death penalty and urges its members and friends to support the momentum to end capital punishment.

Iraq: US-Supplied Rifles & Pistols Lost

According to a new report, almost 200,000 US firearms meant for Iraqi security forces were lost in Iraq. The loss of such quantity of weapons raises concerns that weapons were provided unintentionally to bad actors who might use them to terrorise civilians.

Syria: DI Declares Solidarity With Mr. Riad Saif

Defend International expresses concern over receiving reports about the health of Mr. Riad Saif, a former independent Syrian MP, who needs treatment outside Syria but is denied a passport. Defend International urges the Syrian authorities to take all steps to ensure that Mr. Saif recieves the medical treatment needed.

Yemen: Al-Nouba & Others Released

Defend International had raised concern about the safety of Brigadier Nasser Al-Nouba and others who were detained in Southern Yemen, urging the authorities to release them immediately. We are extremely relieved that they have been released.