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Syria: Two Kurdish Writers Released

In July 2007, authors Mr. Ibrahim Mostafa and Mr. Adnan Sheikh Bozan were arrested in Syria. In August, Defend International launched an urgent action, calling on the authorities to release them unless they were charged with a recognizable criminal offence. In October, they were released.

Iraq: Protect Ezidis & Save Lives

More than two tons of explosives were used in the bloody explosions in Sinjar district recently. The attacks were aimed at intimidate the Ezidis in Iraq. Hundreds of thousands of civilians are in huge danger. “There is no time anymore to postpone coordination between the central government in Baghdad and the Kurdistan Regional government to cover the security vacuum in the areas of Sinjar and Mosul,” said Dr. Widad Akrawi. President of Kurdistan region promised to provide protection for Ezidis

Yemen: Al-Nouba & Others Released

Defend International had raised concern about the safety of Brigadier Nasser Al-Nouba and others who were detained in Southern Yemen, urging the authorities to release them immediately. We are extremely relieved that they have been released.