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Iran: Letter From Mr. Kamanger

Human rights activist and high school teacher Mr. Kamanger like many others is waiting to be executed in Iran. Defend International is publishing his letter, leaked to NGOs, in which he describes torture and other abuses by Iranian detention authorities.

UN: Security Council To Table New Resolution On Sexual Violence

A new UN Security Council resolution on sexual violence is currently being discussed by NGOs, UN member states, and UN agencies. This new resolution is expected to be debated and voted on by the Security Council on 19 June 2008. Defend International President is involved in lobbying and advocacy activities aimed at securing the needed votes to pass the resolution.

NY: Group of Governmental Experts Held 2nd of Three Sessions

The world needs a tough Arms Trade Treaty. Defend International is committed to supporting a robust ATT capable of saving lives and preventing the illicit trade in SALW. The UN Group of Governmental Experts (GGE) on a global ATT held its 2nd round of discussions on the scope and parameters of the treaty. The GGE is representing an historical step towards an international instrument to combat the rise in armed violence.