Stop Explosive Investments – Action Alert

As a member of the Cluster Munition Coalition (CMC), Defend International is asking its members and supporters to mark 23rd May 2017, this year’s Global Day of Action to Stop Explosive Investment (SEI), in their calendar.


Stop investments in cluster bomb producers!

The CMC and SEI believe that financial institutions around the globe are investing in companies involved in the production of cluster munitions. “With ongoing use of these horrific weapons in Yemen and Syria, it is more important than ever to take action to stop investment in production of cluster bombs,” the CMC and PAX SEI team said on 24 April 2017.

On this Global Day of Action against investments in cluster bomb producers, we ask our members to get involved in (1) calling on all financial institutions worldwide to end all investments in cluster munition producers; and to (2) encourage governments to adopt or enact legislation to ban investments in all companies that produce cluster munitions.


PAX’s New Report on Shared Responsibility

This year’s Global Day of Action will take place on 23 May 2017. It will coincide with the launch of the 2017 update of PAX’s ‘Worldwide Investments in Cluster Munitions: A Shared Responsibility‘ report.

The report may contain information about the status of the financial institutions in your country or your government’s position on investment in cluster bomb producers. If you are interested in finding out more ahead of the report launch, email Ms. Maaike Beenes from PAX for peace at


Take action on Global Day of Action!

  • If the financial institutions from your country are investing in cluster munition companies, contact them to express your condemnation and to appeal for a halt of all investment in the production of cluster munitions.
  • You can write an open letter to the CEO of the companies that produce cluster bombs to condemn their action and demand them to cease the production immediately.
  • You can also organize public events, in front of financial institutions or elsewhere, to raise awareness and mobilize public pressure on investors and policy makers.
  • You can issue a press release, organize a press conference, or arrange interviews to discuss these harmful investments and the need to ban them. Or
  • Post on social media to get the word out.



To learn more visit the Stop Explosive Investment website.

Be sure to mark Tuesday 23rd Mary in your calendar! Let’s make it a great day of action!