Seminar: Have We Trivialized Disarmament

With several existing partners, along with new partnerships, Defend International is on track to contribute to the building of a safer world.

We are pleased to inform our members and supporters that John F. Kennedy School of Government is providing an opportunity to attend a seminar entitled Have We Trivialized Disarmament?

The speaker is the Honorable Ronald Lehman, the Counselor to the Director of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

The seminar will take place on November 1st, 2017 10:00am – 11:30am at John F. Kennedy School of Government, Littauer Building, Fainsod Room, Littauer-324. The seminar will be open to the public.


A quarter of a century after the golden age of arms control at the end of the Cold War, international arms restraint is experiencing “The Big Chill” of uncertainty and vulnerability. As the international security architecture weakens, nuclear rhetoric and provocative demonstrations from Moscow and Pyongyang aggravate feelings of insecurity and vulnerability.  In this shrill environment, some see the new treaty banning nuclear weapons as a means to cut the “Gordian Knot” of disarmament. Others see it as a symptom of the problem. Rapid political and technological change complicate solutions, but a better understanding of the emerging world may offer an opportunity to unfreeze polarized positions and enhance the security of the United States and its allies.


About the Speaker

The Honorable Ronald F. Lehman II is the Counselor to the Director of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Lehman is also the Chair of the U.S. Department of Defense Threat Reduction Advisory Committee (TRAC) and recently co-chaired the National Academy of Sciences’ study on the future of Cooperative Threat Reduction. Since 1996, Lehman has been the Chairman of the Governing Board of the International Science and Technology Center, a 39-nation intergovernmental organization.

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