People’s Declaration for Mainstreaming Peace Education

To bring about a world based on a culture of non-violence and peace, Defend International is asking its members and partners to join Dr. Widad Akreyi, Co-founder of Defend International, and sign the “People’s Declaration for Mainstreaming Peace Education.”

This initiative is launched by our colleagues at the Education for Global Peace.


The declaration

To: Governments worldwide
From: [Your Name]

​For centuries we have been enduring great suffering from violence, oppression and inequalities brought upon by our fears and greed. The time has come to realize and believe in our ability to come together and bring about a peaceful world. Just as through our minds we have waged wars it is through our minds that we bestow peace. The attainment of peace is not an impractical dream but a reality that will decide if we continue to exist on planet Earth.

We realize that working together for peace elevates us in giving our best to the world, to future generations and to our one and only planet Earth. This is our calling and this declaration reflects our common commitment worldwide to bring about a world based on a culture of peace where we and our children’s children all live dignified lives in peace.

We the people realize that the foundation of peace is education and the foundation of the world is peace. Therefore we call upon governments worldwide to implement the 3 points of:

1. Mainstreaming peace education in educational systems worldwide.
2. Implementing peace education as part of teacher training.
3. Empowering the students of the world to form meaningful connections with each other as an integral part of education.

The above 3 points will make sure that we and future generations will learn peaceful problem solving skills in order to solve conflict in peaceful ways. That we will transcend beyond separation and prejudice and learn to embrace our commonality, interdependence and interconnectedness to all of life and planet Earth. And foster awareness of the power of compassion to transform our world.

We the people recognize that it is our natural birthright to live in peace. A world where every child, youth and adult can learn and work for peace. A world where we can encourage a commitment to peace as a settled disposition and enhance the confidence of everyone as individual agents of peace, and inform people of the consequences of war and social injustice, and of the value of peaceful and just social structures and work to uphold and develop such social structures, and encourage everyone to love the world and care for others.

Take action

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