New Publication: World Drug Report 2017

The UNODC has released the World Drug Report 2017, which provides an updated overview of recent trends on production, trafficking, and consumption of key illicit drugs, with highlights on the link between drugs, terrorism, and other organised crimes. Around the world a quarter of a billion people use drugs. Among them, 29.5 million suffer from drug use disorders. Illicit drugs have a devastating impact on health, development, peace, and security.

About The Book

The 2017 WDR will include an updated overview of recent trends on production, trafficking and consumption of key illicit drugs as well as highlighting a thematic area of concern. The Report will maintain a global overview of the baseline data and estimates on drug demand and supply. This part will be descriptive and less analytical to fulfil one of the main functions of the report which is to provide the reference point of information on the drug situation worldwide.

Other parts will be more analytical and will look in depth at few specific topics. Issues which will be highlighted in analysing new trends were selected on the basis of available research findings discussed within RAB and other internal and external stakeholders, including the members of the WDR Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC). The thematic focus of the 2017 Report will be on the links between drugs, terrorism, corruption, transnational organized crime and illicit financial flows.

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