Morocco: 2009 Women’s Conference in Quneitra

During a well-attended women’s conference held in Qunitera, DI members in Morocco called for the elimination of social, cultural, political and economic discrimination against women. “Women have the right to equal treatment and to make decisions free from discrimination,” said DI president Dr. Widad.


Morocco: Conference on Women and Discrimination  

In support of lifting the oppression and discrimination against women, DI member organisations: The Democratic Organization for National Office of Drinking Water and National Protection of Public Property in Morocco, organised a conference on January 11, 2009, on “Eliminating Discrimination Against Women”.

The conference brought together nearly 500 women, local NGO leaders and community activists. Maintaining power under a system of structural inequality requires the acquiescence of the oppressed. Women in Quneitra are experiencing political, economic and social discrimination. Today women in Quneitra are maintaining their power and identity in the face of these challenges.

Testimonies from victims and survivors of the excessive use of force by security forces in Morocco described how their political, social and economic rights have been violated. They highlighted also how the security forces deliberately used arms against them – actions which have caused not only permanent disabilities but also long term trauma. The conference included lively discussions and Q&A sessions.

DI urges the Moroccan authorities to:

  • Take the necessary steps to combat discrimination against women;
  • Respect democratic principles and human rights;
  • Respect the international guidelines that prohibit the use of arms and weapons against peaceful demonstrators; and to
  • End discrimination against women in all its forms.









Check out a video from the opening of the 2009 Women’s Conference in Quneitra