Let Us All Condemn Violence & Support Culture Of Peace

DI & Culture Of Non-Violence, Justice and Peace

Defend International expresses its appreciation for the united efforts worldwide to address violence at all levels. We do respect the International Non-violent Day and we are committed to spreading a culture of peace – a culture based on human rights, dialogue, democracy and non-violence values that are much-needed nationally and globally.

We support local efforts in the MENA region in support of a culture of non-violence, justice and peace. One such initiative was taken by Al-Mesalla Center in Erbil, Kurdistan region


By collaborating with other NGOs and a large number of civil society organisations and Institutes, we are working to:

  • Build up the capacity of Civil Society organizations so as to enable them play defining roles in post-conflict recovery processes and ongoing humanitarian reform process;
  • Adopt and inculcate a culture of peace, non-violence, equality, solidarity and harmony in the minds of individuals! Cultural content in this respect should be incorporated as integrated component in the daily practice. Content of several programs of cultural process should also reflect the above ultimate values to drive home their significance in this time of escalating tensions and conflicts;
  • Create an active, healthy society in which peace, democracy, non-violence and harmony values are the pillars to its structure; and
  • Promote mutual understanding and respect through interaction among civilisations and nations whether they are like us or different.


Small weapons
The “Non-Violence” sculpture by Carl Fredrik Reutersward was a gift from the Government of Luxembourg presented to the United Nations in 1988. It consists of a large replica in bronze of a 45-calibre revolver, the barrel of which is tied into a knot. It is located in the Visitor’s Plaza, facing First Avenue at 45th Street in United Nations Building.


For the above reasons, we support initiatives in the MENA region that supports a culture of non-violence, justice and peace. One such initiative was taken by Al-Mesalla Center in Erbil, Kurdistan region.


Al-Mesalla Statement

Al-Mesalla Human Resources Developing Center in Erbil issued a statement today. Below is the full text of the statement:

Today 02-10-2007 is the first year that all nations around the world show different activities to spread non-violent culture after UN on 16-06-2007 had formally approved October 2nd of every year as the (International Non-violent Day) to respect non-violent and peaceful struggle of (Gandhi) which coincidences his date of birth.

Identifying a day for non-violent comes from the sense of accountability of UN as the world goes towards inhumanity. War and bloodshed become images of the human world in a way that threatening life on the earth.

In third world countries war, violence, terror, bloodshed, and violation of laws…etc are more spread than anywhere else. Violent culture controls human relations and behaviors which is considered the only way that’s used among individuals, genders, sects, religions or between parties, organizations and people against authority to solve their problems, differences and conflicts as if there is no way else.

Non-violence is one of the successful methodologies to handle problems and complexities and it’s a gentle and flexible way to exchange political, economical, social and cultural ideas. The successful examples of non-violence can be seen in India by (Mahatma Gandhi) and in the south of Africa by (Nelson Mandela).

There are so many of non-violent ways to present suggestions or solve problems, such as demonstration, peaceful protest, hunger strike, marching, show banners, billboards, issue manuals, collecting signatures, stop talking, stop purchasing goods of a company or a country, lighting candles, stop working, turn off electricity in group, stop serving, close of shops, shut off mobiles and telephone, public meeting and seminars, writing slogans on walls or charts , have dialogues and discussions…etc. Non-violent is the proper way to turn to for the political, economical, social and cultural debates and internal and external conflicts. This successful experience of life methodology is existed in the developed, developing and even backward countries in the past and now.

Today’s Iraq suffers from a lot of sever conflicts and problems such as sectarian, ideological, nationality and partisan war; terror and genocide; health and social affairs… etc. It’s necessary to spread non-violent culture in Iraq more than anywhere else and Iraqi societies have to turn to non-violent struggle instead of killing, bloodshed, terror and war. Civil society organizations and Iraqi educated people are required to be more active to spread peace and non-violent culture among individuals continuously.

Regarding Kurdistan region, many Kurdish families who live on the borders of Iran and Turkey have driven away because of their shelling and war under the pretext that they fight outlaws and insurgents. Undoubtedly, it’s known very well that nation’s issue can not be solved via fighting or war but it’s preferable for the parts of the issue to turn to peaceful and non-violent way to solve it.

Besides these facts, the results of (Kalar and Kifri) demonstrations caused violence although non-violent struggle ways are used in Kurdistan to certain extend.

This fact tells us that we still need good education and culture about non-violence and its ways. For this purpose, to launch and spread non-violent culture, it’s necessary at first to establish an active civil community.

We in (Mesalla Center) respect the International Non-violent Day and simultaneously maintain our activities and spreading the culture of non-violence together with (Non-violent Group) which is consisted of a number of civil society organizations in Iraq and Kurdistan for spreading the culture of non-violence and building an active society that peace and non-violent values to be the pillars of this establishment.

– Welcome to the International Non-violent Day

– Yes for Non-violence and Peace

Al-Mesalla Human Resources Developing Center- Erbil