Italy: International Poetry competition

Defend International expresses its support to the International Poetry Prize Castello Di Duino and encourages its members to participate if they meet the qualifications of the conditions of participation as specified in the announcement received from Professor Gabriella Valera Gruber.



International Poetry Prize Castello Di Duino

Deadline January 6, 2008

 Prize Presentation Ceremony March 9, 2008


Rules of participation:

  •  The competition is open to individuals under 30 years of age.
  • The participation is free.
  • Participants have to send only one unpublished , never prized poem (maximum 50 lines).
  • The general theme of the Edition 2008 is: Vocies / Silence
  • Poems will be accepted in the mother tongue of the authors. A translation into English and /or Italian is required.
  • A jury composed by poets and literary critics with different linguistic competences will evaluate the poems as much as possible in their original language.
  • Poems must arrive before : 2008 January 6.


  1. a) preferably by E-Mail (E-Mail to

Please, send the complete Application Form (see below) in the message and  the poem attached to the message in Format Word or rft.


  1. b) or by regular mail  to Prof. Gabriella Valera Gruber, Via Matteotti 21, 34138, Trieste (Italy).


As far as the deadline is concerned, we will take into consideration the postmark, but no poem will be taken into consideration, which arrives after the jury has started its evaluation process (soon after the deadline)

In both cases the competitors must insert their anagraphic data and statements in the following application form.

Name ,Surname , Birth Date, Nationality, Address, City, Country, Phone, E-Mail, Title of the poem,  Statements:


I declare that the poem… (Title)…. is my original work, has never been prized and is unpublished.

I give my permission to its possible publication and presentation to the general audience

I declare that I have not / I have (please choose one or the other option) subscribed to SIAE nor to any other similar Societies, which protect copyrights.



  • The jury will designate three winners and reserves the right of selecting other poems of special worth. The three winners will be awarded a prize of euro 500 each.
  • In accordance with the aim of the competition to combine solidarity and poetry, the winners will choose a humanitarian cause (possibly in their own country) to which they will devote a part of the prize (euro 200).
  • The poems of the winners and a selection of the best poems will be published by  “Ibiskos Editrice di Antonietta Risolo” (Empoli, Italy) (Sponsor of the Competition), hopefully in both the  Italian and English version together with a CD in the original languages. The proceeds of the sales will be devoted to Luchetta-Ota-D’Angelo-Hrovatin Foundation for children war victims ( ).
    • Special prizes for the best poems of people “under 16”
    • Special prizes for the three best Schools that compete with groups of pupils.
    • Not awarded people may ask for free publication of their poem in the webpage of the competition.



Prof. Gabriella Valera Gruber, Via Matteotti 21, 34138 Trieste – Tel. 040 638787

E-Mail or go to the website


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