Iraq: DI Calls For Protection Of Lawyers

DI Defender Mr. Na’eem Ali Ibrahim was  leading a demonstration in Iraq on behalf of Defend International, calling for the protection of Iraqi lawyers in the city of Karbala.

The indiscriminate killings of innocent Iraqi lawyers have recently been deployed in the Iraqi city Karbala. Lawyers from Karbala marched during a demonstration against these indiscriminate killings. Defend International demanded the protection for all lawyers and their protection is important considering their role in combating terrorism and other crimes.

Defend International is very concerned about the safety of Iraqi scientist and academics and means that their protection must be part of the agenda of the Iraqi government. Soon will Defend International start a campaign aimed at saving the Iraqi academics from attacks, threats and assassinations.

Big thanks to our DI Defender lawyer Ibrahim for his great efforts!


Photos From Karbala:


Mr. Naaim2_Demo_Kerbela_08-2007 Mr. Naaim_Demo_Kerbela_08-2007