Healthcare system in Kurdistan region and Medical Errors

In an interview via Skype on 24 April 2017 on Sterk TV, co-founder of Defend International, Dr. Widad Akreyi, discussed healthcare system in Kurdistan region, Iraq. She defended the rights of patients, focusing on the lack of proactive programs to address the increasing numbers of preventable medical errors.

“Based on our research and observations,” Dr. Widad said, “no preventive measures have been taken to reduce medical errors in Kurdistan region. Learning to acknowledge and report medical errors is vital to improve patient safety. Public awareness of the prevalence and seriousness of errors is also important. We need medical leaders who are willing to champion for the rights of patients.”

One of the recent life-threatening medical errors in Kurdistan region was the case of the two-years-old girl, Sana Hisam, whose hand had to be amputated due to errors associated with IV administration and a subsequent infection.

Dr. Widad recommended the adoption of a patient-centered strategy to improve the quality and effectiveness of care through the use of an electronic reporting system and the implementation of training programs that give healthcare professionals the opportunity to learn from their mistakes.

“The failure to acknowledge and address medical errors is unethical and in violation of the patients’ right to proper and timely healthcare as an integral part of the right to health, which is a basic human right,” she said.

The interview was conducted in Kurdish and can be viewed here.