Germany: Women’s Conference

A delegation from Defend International participated in the 2007 Women’s Conference in Kasbach-Ohlenberg, Germany

DI presented an in-depth analysis of key issues related to violence against women and provided a comprehensive strategy on how to tackle these challenges particularly in the MENA region.


Title of Session: Recommendations on Elimination of Crimes against Women Committed in the Name of Honour

Speaker: DI Co-founder Dr Widad

Where: Frauenbegegnungsstatte UTAMARA, 53547 Kasbach-Ohlenberg, Germany

When: 30-6 & 01-07-2007


Summary of Recommendations:

  • Implementation of policies that focus on women’s rights;
  • Provision of training programmes for judges, lawyers and prosecutors on CEDAW;
  • Raising awareness among women of their rights;
  • Increasing women’s participation in polity development and decision-making; and
  • Ensuring that sufficient legal aid and assistance is available to victims under all jurisdictions when seeking redress in issues of civil and family law and in those relating to poverty issues.







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