Geneva: Global NGO-Survey 2010/11

The results of the “2010 Global NGO-Survey,” in which Defend International (DI) took part, are made available by Dr. Daniel Schwenger. The findings are meant to help NGOs better adapt their strategy in a context of increasing competition. Now, DI has been invited to participate in a follow-up survey titled The “2013 Global NGO Survey,” which aims to compare the trends and outlooks in the NGO sector over an extended period of time.


Global NGO-Survey 2010/11

First Phase of Research

The “2010 Global NGO-Survey” was conducted from December 2010 to May 2011 by Dr. Daniel Schwenger. The survey was part of a doctoral research project aimed at analyzing the current trends and management challenges faced by NGOs. In addition to Defend International, over 2,000 NGOs from 160 countries were surveyed, making it one of the biggest empirical assessments of international NGOs. Defend International was invited by Dr. Schwenger to take part in this anonymous survey. The contributions were turned into best practices enabling NGOs to increase their organizational performance and service delivery. The findings of the survey can be accessed by clicking this link.


Next Phase of Research

Building on the results of the first assessment, this research project has currently entered into the next phase: The “2013 Global NGO Survey,” with the goal of comparing the trends and outlooks in the NGO sector over an extended period of time. Once again, Defend International is invited to participate in this follow-up survey, the results of which will be published on our website when the findings are received from Dr. Schwenger. It bears noting that leading NGOs of various fields of work will submit their observations, and only when the findings are aggregated into anonymous groups they will be shared with all participants.