FATA: DI Representative Condemns Beating Of Protesters

In a statement issued on 18 May, Mr. Zar Ali Khan Afridi, Defend International coordinator in FATA and the chairman of FATA Commission of Human Rights, said that the beating and insulting of students in landi kotal Khyber Agency FATA for protesting is condemnable.

He added that the students of the Govt Degree College Landi Kotal had staged a peaceful protest to demand more teachers and classes. The students were brutally beaten by local khasadar force, wounding four, while one student had fainted. The wounded students were taken to the local hospital where they were admitted for treatment.

Mr. Afridi condemned this “brutal action of the political administration” and demanded for an impartial inquiry. “All responsible people and government officials who are involved in this inhuman and anti students action should be arrested immediately and be punished as per law of the land. But, unfortunately, in FATA there is neither constitution and nor regular law. Therefore, our demand will remain unfulfilled and will be no more than a dream. Peaceful protest is right of citizens and government has no right to open firing on the peaceful students who stage peaceful protest demanding for staff and other facilities in the college,” he said.