Edisun Song And #SaveYazidis

On 22nd September 2014,  a new article about Edisun band and their generous support for the Yazidis was published. “While the World’s Asleep,” a short poetic ballad from rock band Edisun is being used to raise world awareness to the desperate situation of the Yazidis being persecuted by the Islamic State.



“While the World’s Asleep,” a short poetic ballad from rock band Edisun is being used to raise world awareness to desperate situation of the Yazidi people of Iraq and Syria being persecuted by the Islamic State (ISIS).

Factory Underground Media (Norwalk, CT) The members of the band Edisun are no strangers to lending out their music to help raise awareness for charity and social good. They recently performed at the Gettysburg Rocks event in Gettysburg, PA to raise money for the Four Diamonds Fund (supporting victims of pediatric cancers); they were pre-Ice-Bucket Challenge supporter of ALS performing a special concert last March for Raleigh-Durham-NC resident, 60 Minutes celebrity Chris Rosati, a tireless advocate for ALS who is himself stricken with the disease. The band were still quite surprised recently when contacted by members of Defend International, a multi-national organization promoting democracy and global health initiatives to ask if they would lend a song to a campaign to help raise awareness of the situation facing the Yazidi people in Iraq and Syria. This is an interesting twist in the story of Edisun who got their start performing for the American military forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, courtesy of Armed Forces Entertainment.

 “We sort of knew who they are in terms of the newspaper headlines,” says Edisun-lead singer Ethan Isaac. “But we had no idea of what these people are really going through. These people have been the victims of cultural genocide at the hands of ISIS (ISIL), and we are hearing stories of mass murder, gang rape of young women. It just hurt our hearts, and we wanted to help.”

The band volunteered the use of their song “While the World’s Asleep,” which asks the listener to “Take away my sadness… Tear me from my madness… Change the way we’re living… While the World’s Asleep.” A lyrical sentiment that immediately impacted on supporters to the cause with Yazidi people tweeting from around the world that they feel like the “song was written just for them.”

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Letters of gratitude thanking the band for their compassion and generosity have poured in, with tweet after tweet from world supporters of the cause. “An incredible honor we wish never had to be,” Isaac said.

“We are very proud to be a part of it (helping raise awareness for these people,) but it is still heart breaking for what they are going through that one song could make this much difference,” said Isaac. “We only hope that they get the help the need. This isn’t just a Yazidi-problem, it’s a world-problem.”

From Twitter: “Wake up world! #SaveYazidis! Edisun gets it, will you? #np (now playing) “While the World’s Asleep.”


The song, written by Edisun producer C. Villani, is featured on their self-title debut album released by EMI in 2010. The album sent two songs to the Billboard Active Rock Top 40, and Top 50, “Wide Awake,” and “Medicate.” They are currently in the studio preparing to release their second record on SRG Records, and will tour the US in October 2014 to promote their new serendipitously-titled single “Refugees.”


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