Dr. Widad Statement on 3rd Anniversary of 2014 Genocide

Award-winning humanitarian and human rights defender Dr. Widad Akreyi has released the following statement today marking the 3rd anniversary of the 2014 genocide:


On the anniversary of the 2014 genocide, we join the survivors and families of the victims in remembrance and encourage world leaders to protect all minorities in the Middle East, to recognize the genocide and to vow that justice will be done.

Today marks the 3rd anniversary of the systematic massacres of the Yazidi people in Shingal and other towns and villages. On this date in 2014, thousands of innocent men, women and children endured terrible loss of life and suffering in the hands of ISIS. We would like to extend our deepest sympathies to the families of victims and to the survivors.

As we remember and honor the victims, we shine a light on the carnages of the past and the ongoing armed conflict in the hope that similar tragic events will be avoided in the future. To mark the day, we call on world leaders to step up efforts to recognize the current genocide and to include the atrocities against the residents of Kobane and all persecuted religious and ethnic minorities in the Middle East. We urge them to vow to protect all minorities and their rights. It is our duty to help prevent these appalling crimes against humanity from happening again. 

I have listened to the survivors in private meetings, and our pledge to them is that we will never waiver in our commitment to ensure justice for victims of crimes against humanity and human diversity. No doubt, justice will motivate our communities to embark on their long journey towards reconciliation and peace.

It is important to remember the 2014 genocide as a lesson from history that we should learn from. The victims will never be forgotten.”


Acknowledgement: Painting of Yazidi girl by artist Ms. Jane Adams, who gave us permission in 2014 to use her paintings of Yazidis in support of our campaign Save The Yazidis: The World Has To Act Now.