Diagnostic Tool for Inclusive City Building

My City of Migration initiative,  a project led by Ryerson University’s Global Diversity Exchange with international partners, has launched a MyCOM Diagnostic tool to test the degree of inclusiveness in your city. We invite our members, supporters and partners to get involved and become an agent of inclusion in their cities.

How inclusive is your city?

Take the pulse of your city with MyCOM, the My City of Migration Diagnostic. MyCOM is a modular tool designed to help you assess the quality of inclusion in your city: at work, at school, on election day, in health and as a new arrival. Complete the MYCOM Diagnostic to build a profile of your city’s strengths and weaknesses across 10 dimensions of inclusion. How does your city measure up?

Customized roadmap to a more inclusive city

You can complete five modules and receive a customized roadmap to a more inclusive city. Mapped to ten dimensions of inclusion and proofed by international experts, the MyCOM Diagnostic provides a detailed snapshot of “your” city’s relative strengths and weaknesses vis-à-vis diversity and inclusion and then directs users to a rich set of resources on the Building Inclusive Cities Learning Platform.

About the Project

A two-year project supported by Open Society Foundations and led by the Cities of Migration initiative at Ryerson University’s Global Diversity Exchange with international partners,  explores the complex and interconnected factors that contribute to open, inclusive cities in an era of global migration. The project will develop a web-based diagnostic tool and dynamic learning platform to help the city and community stakeholders assess ‘inclusion factors’ across the urban landscape, and gain a better understanding of the conditions that enhance (or inhibit) immigrant integration and inclusion.

For more information please visit the My City of Migration website.