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DI Alarmed Over New Crisis in Kurdistan Region and Iraq

Defend International is alarmed over the humanitarian crisis in Kurdistan region and Iraq and urges the international community to intervene with urgency. “The displaced familis are currently scattered in villages, towns and camps with no sufficient humanitarian assistance available,” noted Dr. Widad Akreyi, co-founder of Defend International.

Turkey: DI Calls For Immediate Lifting of Curfews Imposed In Kurdish Provinces

Defend International denounces in the strongest possible terms the atrocities committed by the Turkish army against civilian Kurds in the Kurdish provinces. The humanitarian situation is alarming. Citizens are trapped in a war zone, hiding in the basements, holding their breath under the constant noise of shelling, waiting desperately for the world leaders to urge Turkey to end the curfews.

Iran: Towards Abolition of Death Sentence & Enhanced Protection of Human Rights

As the World marks the 2015 International Day Against Death Penalty, Defend International announces the launch of the campaign “Towards Abolition of Death Sentence and Enhanced Protection of Human Rights in Iran” to call on the Iranian authorities to review hanging and the human rights situation in light of International Human Rights Law. “On today’s World Day Against the Death Penalty, we urge the Iranian authorities to adopt a complete ban on public hangings and all forms of violence against everybody,” said Dr. Widad, co-founder of Defend International.