Canadian Nonprofits’ Best Ideas For How To Build A Better World

A few months ago, Canadian nonprofits shared their best ideas for how to build a better world through technology. From hundreds of entries, Impact Challenges narrowed the field to ten projects that “have the potential to really change the world and make an impact in people’s lives.” Some of the projects listed are transformational, and therefore we ask our members and friends to support these important initiatives. Voting is free and you can vote up to four times.


Among the finalists are:

  • World Wide Hearing Foundation International, which is a non-profit organization that provides access to affordable hearing aids to children and youth in remote communities.


  • GROWING NORTH – a not-for-profit organization that uses environmentally friendly geodesic greenhouses to sustainably provide locally grown produce to families living in Northern Canada at a fraction of the current price, while positively enhancing nutrition and offering educational opportunities and economic development. This social enterprise is incubated at Ryerson University – a public research university located in Toronto, Ontario.

As the creators of this groundbreaking innovation, Ryerson students and alumni are among the top 10 finalists vying for $750,000 in the Google Innovation Challenge. More information on GROWING NORTH can be found here:

We were invited by Dr. Wendy Cukier, the Director of Diversity Institute at Ryerson University, to vote for  GROWING NORTH. In her letter, she had included a quote from Ms. Stefany Nieto and Mr. Ben Canning, the founders of GROWING NORTH:

“Northern communities pay on average 4 times more for everyday food. With temperatures averaging below -30°C, produce is nearly impossible to grow outdoors. This leaves only inefficient and costly methods of transporting produce into this part of our country. In Nunavut 35.1% of the population lives in severe food insecurity. Growing North’s original and primary focus is to alleviate food insecurity within Northern Canadian communities by improving the accessibility to food.

We really believe in the impact of our work, from the Impact Challenges grant of $750,000, it will enable us to expand to more Northern Canadian communities like Arviat, Nunavut. This money will help us secure the funding needed for the expansion of our business and programming. With your help, we can empower and expand to other communities facing severe food insecurity.”