Syria: Attacks On Peaceful Demonstrators

In light of continuing reports of human rights violations in Syria, Defend International (DI) launchs its new campaign in which DI urges the Syrian authorities to comply strictly with international human rights law and to respect freedom of opinion, expression, demonstration, assembly and association.

Bahrain: Release of Youth From Karzakan Province

A group of youth from Karzakan province were arrested in Bahrain and there were claims of physical attacks or ill-treatment. In October 2007, DI launched a campaign in collaboration with Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights, urging Bahrain’s Minister of Interior to release them immediately. On 1 November 2007, the Bahraini authorities released them .

Syria: Two Kurdish Writers Released

In July 2007, authors Mr. Ibrahim Mostafa and Mr. Adnan Sheikh Bozan were arrested in Syria. In August, Defend International launched an urgent action, calling on the authorities to release them unless they were charged with a recognizable criminal offence. In October, they were released.

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